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Why are African Safaris so popular?

Why are African Safaris so popular?

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East Africa is one of the most spectacular areas of our planet, with extensively protected spaces where wildlife lives its course. Visiting them is a magnificent experience of contact with nature. It even remains the preferred travel for people who have been touring safaris for years.

One of the best ways to get to know Africa is by taking a safari, a word that means travel in Swahili. Live a unique experience, listen to the sound of nature, follow the tracks to see impressive animals up close, feel part of nature, and know in the first person what has been seen only in the great documentaries is the dream of many travelers.

The safaris began in the early twentieth century being common expeditions to hunt exotic animals in Africa and although today this is also practiced under restrictions depending on the country and the park, we can talk about photographic safaris that are the ones that occupy us. These trips offer the possibility of observing the animal behavior of each species, being able to know its characteristics and see its behavior.

Although this is the main reason why safaris are so popular, it’s not his only attraction:


The reserves of Kenya and Tanzania host a quantity and variety of wildlife well above other natural areas.

We are talking about the places that offer the best possibilities for observation, and they do it in a spectacular natural environment. Yes, what we imagine are the landscapes that appear in films like Memories of Africa, this is our destiny.

East Africa receives many visitors, which in high season and in the most popular parks can reach a considerable number. Also here the regulations are stricter: With some exceptions, in the State Reserves, you cannot leave the vehicle during the game drives, which can only be done while there is sunlight.

If the visitor wants to enjoy safaris on foot or at night, he should go to the Private Reserves, where the regulations are relaxed


A safari is by definition a trip to protected areas where human presence is nil or minimal, and the contact that is established with, for example, the Masai hardly goes beyond entering their village and witnessing their dances. This aspect can be somewhat disappointing; especially if there have been previous experiences in West Africa.

And this happens both in Kenya and in Tanzania, whether traveling in adventure style or on a luxury safari. A good alternative: combine the safari with a visit to the Indian coast where the Swahili culture predominates


A Safari in Truck is basically a group trip in which the guide plays a fundamental role.

The vehicle is usually able to accommodate about 15-20 people in the common space, which is separated from the driver’s cabin. There are more Spartans and others more comfortable in which the truck is only transport. In any case, they are many hours a day sharing travel with the rest of the participants, with a dynamic that gives very good results if the concepts “share” and “participate” are accepted.

The 4×4 Safaris offer greater independence and a more personal contact with the environment. Vehicles allow greater flexibility in the face of unforeseen events and can travel on roads in poor condition. The dynamics of the trip is also different since the group is divided into cars both in the game drives and for the trips, in which less time is spent

The social component of the truck trip is important, and the interaction with the rest of the participants is more intense. For this reason, some people who travel alone are common in this type of routes.

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