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Welcoming 2018! New year, new experiences

Welcoming 2018! New year, new experiences

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Happy New Year to you all! Wishing you the best than life can bring !

We closed 2017 with an incredible escape day from Paris to Normandy for one of our clients. (Helicopter transportation, Jeep Willys tour, Best guides & best restaurant of the area).

New-Year and new requests coming…this time, we are working on an itinerary on Underground Jazz in the 60’s 70’s in Paris.

You would have understand it, our client is passionate about Jazz and we love him already!

We do have a jazz tour in St Germain-des-Près but it is an after war period so for our client, with our music specialist guide we will do detailed research to make him live an unforgettable moment. That is what we are here for, to make dreams come true.

2018 brings 365 days, 365 blank pages to write. We are here to help you write some of them. Whatever experience you dreamed to live in France, our team is dedicated to assist you.

Travel Artistically,


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