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We invite you to make a spectacular safari through the Kruger Park

We invite you to make a spectacular safari through the Kruger Park

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This park has 19,989 km², being one of the most extensive in the area of ​​northeastern South Africa. Among the great variety of animals that live there, are the big 5, which are the lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, and elephants, among many others.

It can be reached by plane or by car. It has 3 airports that are located very close to the park. If you want to go in your own vehicle, you can take a road from Johannesburg, with beautiful landscapes and the crossing is, really, very exciting.

To make a South africa safari through this park, it is required to comply with certain rules. If you go in your own vehicle, the speed allowed is between 40 and 50 km / h. It is not allowed to leave the car or open the windows, at any time, for your own safety. Neither should you feed the animals or take them out of the area.

Besides having a very varied fauna, it has mountains, plains, and tropical jungle, becoming one of the most varied ecosystems. It has more than 517 species of birds, 147 kinds of mammals and 120 species of reptiles, which is the safari in South Africa with more species.

Among the most outstanding, we can mention giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, oxen, crocodiles, and fish, among others. Also, there is a variety of ecosystems each with diverse and very interesting plants.

As for the accommodation offered, it covers all budgets. They have 21 camps, 18 private, independent and concession shelters, designed so you can be comfortable during the South africa safari. These camps have very comfortable cabins and rooms.

This park offers another option to make a South africa safari, with the implementation of 7 paths through which you can walk and get in direct contact with the flora and fauna. The walks are very safe and are carried out during 3 days, with an overnight in the camps.

You can do a South africa safari in any month of the year. The winter months those are from June to August. Although the landscape is drier, many animals can be observed, which are moving in search of water and food.

On the contrary, in the summer, which corresponds to the months of September to April, the animals have their young and the passage of the rains makes the landscape green again. To have a good stay, it is recommended to spend a minimum of 4 days.

The use of the guides is essential, it is not recommended to do this safari alone. It has extensive areas plagued by wild animals, which must be visited in the company of an expert person.

Definitely, this park is very complete.

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