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Visit Spain

Visit Spain

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Spain is an amazing country to visit. Its rich culture, kind people and nature will amaze you immediately. You can find all of the forms of nature here- Valleys full of olive trees, deserts, mountains and never-ending coast with stunning sunsets.

If you are asking when to visit Spain, I would definitely recommend spring. It can already get quite hot so you can enjoy beautiful empty beaches or go for a walk in one of its cities.

The weather is Mediterranean and it depends a lot on the destination you are heading to. One of the hottest parts are Canary Islands, Andalusia or Balearic islands. On the contrary it can get quite cold and rainy in the North- Galicia, Asturias or Basque country.

Did you know you can go also skiing to Spain? It has some great ski destinations as for example Sierra Nevada.       Are you a fan of city tourism? No problem, Spain has it all. There is a one of the most beautiful cities in Europe- Madrid, the capital of Spain, followed by Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla or Valencia.

Spain has two island regions: Balearic Islands (Mediterranean Sea) and Canary Islands (Atlantic Ocean) and two autonomous cities: Melilla and Ceuta on the north of Morocco.

This country will welcome you with its great Mediterranean cuisine that is known for its delicious dishes prepared with fresh olive oil.

Dish tips:

Paella- Rice dish with vegetables, meat and seafood. You can also ask for a vegetarian paella.

Tortilla Española- Spanish omelet with potatoes and onion

Jamon Serrano- Typical cured ham

Alioli- Sauce made of garlic and olive oil

Churros con chocolate- The best for breakfast. Sweet sticks with chocolate.


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Nedim says:

The most delicious dishes I’ve tried in my life. I’m obsessed with their culture also. Didn’t know about that skiing part, but hope that will be opportunity to try that also.

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