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United Kingdom Short Introduction for Travelers

United Kingdom Short Introduction for Travelers

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GovernmentParliamentary devolved democracy under a constitutional monarch
CurrencyPound sterling (£, GBP)
water: 1,680km²
land: 241,930km²
Population65 million (2016 estimate)
LanguageEnglish, Welsh (c. 26% of population in Wales), Scots (mostly spoken in the Lowlands of Scotland) Scottish Gaelic (c. 60,000 in Scotland), Ulster-Scots (parts of Northern Ireland) & some speakers of Irish in Northern Ireland
ReligionChristian 37.5 million (59.5%), Muslim 2.7 million (4.4%), Sikh 432,000 (0.7%), Hindu 835,000 (1.3%), Jewish 269,000 (0.4%), Buddhist 261,000 (0.4%), no religion 16.2 million (25.7%)
Electricity230V, 50 Hz (Type G plug)
Country code+44
Time ZoneUTC
UTC +1 during “British Summer Time” (BST)
Emergenciesdial 999

Best 5 Places To Visit in United Kingdom

1 York Minster YORK
2 Westminster Abbey THE WEST END
3 Windsor Castle WINDSOR & ETON
4 Stonehenge STONEHENGE
5 St Paul’s Cathedral THE CITY

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