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Turkey, the Magic of Anatolia & the Sultan’s Palace…

Turkey, the Magic of Anatolia & the Sultan’s Palace…

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Turkey today, knows as Anatolia in the past, with a unique diversity between the History of the Orient and the civilization of the Occident and a magical mixture between past and present, ancient and new, authenticity and modernity… Turkey is certainly one of the best destinations in both Asia and Europe, so now the teeming buses full of tourists from all over the world became one usual view one cannot miss in every street, at any time of the day… of the year…

With its dazzling nature, its cities, ancient and historical palaces, and magnificent museums, Turkey continues surprising and astonishing the tourist, wondering where to begin his tour once in the streets of Turkey.

Where to begin my tour in Turkey?

Where to Begin? What should I see first? Several choices, multiples options, so just stick with us to discover the best options…

Istanbul: one of the largest cities on the Bosporus Strait, where you get lost among the diverse tourist sites, where the most beautiful you should not miss visiting




The Topkapi Palace: for hundreds of years, where the Ottoman sultans governed the Empire since it was built in the 15th century. The Palace is kind of a group of small palaces, gardens and fountains, in addition to rare ruins and the biggest diamond in the world.



The Blue Mosque: built in the era of Sultan Ahmad, characterized by its astonishing architecture, the magic of its design and the aesthetic touch in each part of it. Also called the Mosque of Sultan Ahmad.



Hagia Sophia Museum: a church, a mosque then a museum

When entering Hagia Sophia “ Holy Wisdom”. For the first time, you can fill chill all over the place, and some kind of veneration because of the sacredness of the monument, the beauty of its construction, the excellence of its design and the ancient history that the walls of this museum keep telling to the tourists from all over the world coming to share that feeling of religious and human cohesion… a feeling so deep that no words can describe the beauty and magic of the view.

When visiting Istanbul for the first time, a tour in Hagia Sophia is a must do.

Leaving Istanbul, where you should go to ???

The Aegean Sea region: the most beautiful sky in the world. If you are one of those nature and beauty lovers, you shall quickly understand that the most beautiful views in Anatolia are the Aegean shores, that Herodotus, a Greek historian described as” the most beautiful sky and the best climate in the world”. Along their heavenly shores you will be astonished by their unique islands, beaches and wonderful gulf.



Antalya: located in the South of the country along the Mediterranean shore, with a breathtaking nature and historical monuments, it attracts tourists from all over the world.




Mount Olympus: with the blue color of the sea, pure air and irresistible magical virgin nature, will take you in a trip over time cradled in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation.




Kemer: characterized with its high quality hotel services and its tasty meals, in addition to the calm and serenity of the place away from the noise of the city… while visiting Antalya, Kummer is a must visit place.




Alanya: a historical and tourist region, with a very special view on the sea, it contains restaurants, fancy hotels and resorts that shall satisfy all your needs to have unforgettable wonderful vacation with family and friends.




Manavgat waterfalls: you are an adventurer and love waterfalls and rapids!! Manavgat waterfalls is your destinations, where you can enjoy boat trip and chilling out along the Oymapinar Lake








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Phil says:

So, we have visited Turkey about four years ago. We were in Istanbul for 3 days. Loved the food, spicy but we love spicy food. Bought many interesting souvenirs and I must say, it was not expensive at all. Hope to visit again very soon. There are many places that we had not time to visit.

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