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Traveling across Romania

Traveling across Romania

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”Where is Romania located?” ”Is it really a country?” ”Is Romania the same country as Bulgaria?”
These are some questions I have been usually asked when in conversation with someone from another country.Well I am here to answer all these questions and to present to you what, where and how is Romania and also to give you some tips on what you can see and what you must visit if you ever come here.
So, being situated in the East side of the european continent, Romania is surrounded by slavic terriories like Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Strangely enough, the country itself ihas latin origins which makes it an intruder in this part of the continent.
Its history is one of the most tumultuous and debatable. It all started with the wars between Romans and Dacians, followed by the reign of some of the cruellest rullers such as Vlad Ţepeş whom people from outside the country know as Dracula. Romania was also under Communist regime having for president the one and only Nicolae Ceauşescu, the man for which over 100.000 people went out on the streets and started the biggest Revolution in Romanian history back in 1989 after which Ceauşescu and his wife had been executed and Romania finally became a free country.
If one of your passions is photography and you wonder if you have what to capture around here, don’t worry! Romania has some of the most breathtaking landscapes which you can find in Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Bucharest, The Black Sea, Braşov, Sibiu, Timişoara or Târgu-Jiu.
Now you may wonder what makes all these cities such a great deal? Well, I will present you at least two attractions that deserve to be seen from each city:
In Cluj-Napoca we have ‚’’Cetățuia”, or the spot from which you can see the entire city. And believe me, especially during night-time, the view will take your breath away.
Here we also have The Botanic Garden which is a place surrounded by plants, trees and nature. You can also eat Japanese food, serve your tea in one of the most popular teahouses in town. And nust a little hack: if you have a book in your hands, chances are you get in the garden for free.
Then we have Iaşi, a city full of history, cathedrals and beauty. One of the biggest attractions from here is ’’Eminescu’s lime”. It represents the spot where the biggest poet of this nation, Mihai Eminescu, would come and write his masterpieces such as ”The Lake” or ”Sleepy Birds”.
„”The Metropolitan Cathedral” is also a great place to visit. It is said that here lays the body of Saint Paraschieva, and that if you have a good heart and you pray at her relics, she will fulfil your prayers.

Bucharest is quite popular for foreign visitors especially because it is the metropolis of the country. Here you can visit museums, theatres, palaces and many more. What you need to remember is that eventhough it my seem like you have time to visit lots of places in Bucharest, the traffic may be an impediment. So do take in consideration that having 6 sectors and a large population, it may be pretty hard to visit the whole city in only one day. But despite the concourse, it is worth to see. Here, if you are a fan of amusement, you can go to some of the most popular bars in town such as Beraria H, SilverChurch or Club 99. In some of these bars you can delight yourself with some good Romanian humour at Stand-Up Comedy shows. Some of the best artists such as Bordea, Andrei Ciobanu, Costel and many others perform hilarious plays.
Jumping straight to Targu-Jiu, here you can see great staturay made by Constantin Brancusi,one of the greatest sculptors from this country best known for his works such as ”The Kissing Gate”, „The Endless Column” or „The Table of Silence” all of which you can find in this beutiful city placed on a straight line across the city.
Romanians love to party and they like to transform any occasion into a great reason to have fun. That is why they have numerous festivals to keep them entertained. So if you want to party like a Romanian, come and visit in June, July or August when festivals such as Untold (in Cluj-Napoca), Rockstadt (in Brasov) or Neversea (at The Black Sea) take place. You will definitely have a blast dancing next to wild people that enjoy the fun and listening to great artists from all around the world.
Are you a foodie? Then Romania is your place! These people are best knon for their great food being it traditional or not, they know how to make it delicious. So if you want to try some ”sarmale” or some ’’mici” with beer, you are more than welcomed here.
So now tht you know a little bit about this country, its attractions and its beauty, pack your bags, buy a plane ticket and come! You will make unforgettable memories!

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