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Tourism Statistics of Russia 2016 – The first half of 2017

Tourism Statistics of Russia 2016 – The first half of 2017

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Nowadays in Russia tourism is quite stable and successful. Over the past 10 years, despite minor downturns, there has been a trend of increase not only in-country visits by foreign tourists, but also to increase the number of Russians tourists prefer domestic resorts.

For outbound tourism 2016 was uniquely bad, and for internal it was uniquely good. The number of Russians visiting local resorts and places of recreation increased by 18% compared to 2015.

According to the Russian Statistics Committee in 2016 about 24.5 million people visited the Russian Federation for tourism purposes. This is 11% more than in 2015. Total annual income, which brought tourism in Russia according to statistics, amounted to about 25 billion dollars.

The most popular tourist cities in Russia in 2016 *:

  1. Moscow 17.5 million, including 4.55 million foreign tourists
  2. Saint Petersburg 6.9 million (+6%), including 2.8 million foreign tourists
  3. Sochi 6.5 million
  4. Kazan 2.5 million (+16%)

* In brackets the % change by 2015.

Hotels search service revealed the most popular cities among foreign tourists in Russia by the end of 2016 for stays from 1 January to 31 December 2016. The first ten most popular foreign tourists Russian cities for the year amounted to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Sochi, Khabarovsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

Starting in 2014, the Russian Statistics Committee publishes statistics obtained in accordance with the official methodology estimates of the number of inbound and outbound tours. This corresponds to the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which considers tourists, not only those who declares appropriate the purpose of the trip, but traveling by private invitation, for business, for treatment, to a neighboring country for food or other goods. And according to the Russian Statistics Committee, the top ten holiday destinations of Russians, it turns out this: Abkhazia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Thailand, and Cyprus. That, according to the travel industry, is only partly true.

According to the tourist offices of foreign countries on 09.02.2017 Abkhazia, Thailand and Georgia have become leaders in outbound tourism from Russia in 2016. Abkhazia was visited by 1.5 million tourists from Russia and Thailand and Georgia was visited by over 1 million Russian tourists in 2016. Tunisia, Morocco, Cyprus and Cuba showed the highest growth of outbound tourism from Russia in 2016. Tunisia was visited by 623 thousand Russian tourists in 2016, which is 137% higher than in 2015. Morocco was visited by 60 thousand Russian tourists in 2016, which is 100% more than the year before. Cyprus has been visited by 782 thousand Russian tourists, 49% more than in 2015. Cuba was visited by 65 thousand Russian tourists in 2016, which is 50% more than in 2015.

The total departure of Russians abroad in 2016 was 33.8 million trips that are 8% less than in 2015. In General, many European countries lost part of Russian tourist arrivals in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, UK, and Belgium. Grew up mostly beach destinations — UAE, Vietnam, Montenegro, Israel, India, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Cuba, Morocco.

For the first half of 2017, the Border service of the Russian Federation has recorded 6 million 214.7 thousand trips abroad specifically for the purpose of tourism. The increase compared to the same period last year was 56.5%!

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Departure of Russian citizens abroad for tourism

The first half of 2017.

(according to the Border services, thousand trips)

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