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Tourism statistics of Bolivia 2014-2016

Tourism statistics of Bolivia 2014-2016

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Bolivia is a country in South America with a great tourism potential with many attractions due to its diverse culture, geographic features and food culture.

The booming tourism industry is as a result of UNESCO declaring six centers as world heritage centers. These centers form the basic line of ‘must visit centers’ for every visitor who comes to Bolivia. These heritage centers include:

  • The ruins of the city of Tiwanaku; one of the cradles of human civilization and the oldest in all the Americas.
  • The city of Potosi
  • The Amazon, which is considered a sanctuary of wildlife. In the Amazon, there are national parks that contribute to this beautiful heritage. They include  Madidi National Park, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park and Toro Toro National Park
  • Jesuit Mission of Chiquittos
  • Fort Samaipata
  • Carnival of Oruno, where catholism is mixed with pagan.

In 2015, there was a 40% increase in the number of new tourists visiting La Paz, a world wonder city.

All these statistics have made Bolivia feature in the list of the World’s top Destinations according to World Tourism Organization.

By statistics, Bolivia boasts of over 1 million visitors for the past few years as shown in the table below.

Bolivia’s most important tourist attraction sites include:


Bolivia’s most important tourist attraction sites include:
-Uyuni Salt Flats
-Madidi National Park
-Lake Titi Caca which is shared with Peru
-Santa Cruz Jesuit Missions
Presence of archaeological riches as discovered by scientists has also led to the attraction of tourists even more.

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