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Tourism Statistics of Brunei

Tourism Statistics of Brunei

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Tourism in Brunei is governed by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. Because of the strength of its currency in comparison to those of its neighboring countries, its tour packages are a bit more expensive than the other countries in the region.

Reports suggest that in 2015, 95% of its visitors arrived by air with only 1% arriving by sea. The country is noted for ecotourism and cultural, heritage and Islam tourism.

The statistics of the first quarter of 2016 reported that Brunei recorded 56431 tourist arrivals capered to 58038 in the first quarter of 2015. This was, therefore, a 2.8% decline

Within the first quarter arrivals, the following were the top five countries by arrivals:

Country 20162015


Brunei’s main market in the first three months in 2016 and 2015 was as follows:

Far East23.8%21.4%
Europe and the Middle East12.6%12.6%


These statistics compared as follows in the second quarter of the two years:



By nationality, however, China continues to dominate having recorded 8868 arrivals in the second quarter of 2017. The Philippines recorded the largest increase of the top five arrivals by nationality by an additional 1373 tourists.

Holiday by nationality20162017
China8557- 16.4%8868- 13.5%
Malaysia3997- 7.6%4509- 6.9%
Philippines1260- 2.4%2633- 4.0%
Indonesia927- 1.8%1368- 2.1%
Singapore810- 1.5%984- 1.5%


Brunei also recorded 1026769 international arrivals through its land borders, up from 951823. Although there are no statistics available that distinguish if these arrivals were for the purpose of transit, holiday, business or others. There was also an increase in tourist arrivals by air which contributed greatly in the improvement in the average occupancy of the rates of Brunei’s hotels, which increased from 36.8% to 41.7% in 2017.

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