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Tourism in India

Tourism in India

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In World Tourism India is growing at a high rate of speed. The Report of United Nations World Tourism Organization on World Tourism says that According to International Tourism Arrival, India is at 8th number in Asia, and according to International Tourism Receipt, India is at 7th number in Asia. In above report, it is also stated that in the year 2016 14.3 Million Foreign Tourists Visited India. This number was 13.3 Million in 2015. It increased by 9.7 Percent annually.

Economical Importance of Tourism in India

Economically, Tourism is very important to not only The Government of India but also to the local people. Because Tourism in India is doing a great contribution to Nation’s GDP and also providing Job & Business Opportunities To Local People. According to World Travel & Tourism Council in the year 2016 only Tourism Sector generated 220 Million US Dollars in India. Which increased India’s GDP by 9 %. Also, Tourism generated 40 Million Jobs in India. According to Council’s Report Tourism Sector is growing in India every year with a rate of more than 6%.

‘Heaven on earth’ (Kashmir) in North India and beaches of South India will give you a great experience

In Tourism India is among the top 10 countries in Asia. In India, Tourism is not about a few Nature spots or Adventures only, Here you will see amazing religious and cultural wonders also. Besides, Adventures sports, Nature, Holy places, Natural spots and cultural Activities, Here are a lot of things available for every type of tourist.

A sentence is very famous about India. Which is, “After every few kilometers distance, culture changes in India”, and this sentence is really true. You will see that India is a culture rich country. All states of India have their own culture and this culture is considered as a different genre of tourism.

If you are traveling to India, then don’t worry, you are not limited to very few tourist spots only. In India, there are a lot of things to see. One more sentence is famous about India is that “You need more than one life to tour India completely”. You will get an opportunity to see Kashmir, which called Heaven on Earth, in J&K, a North Indian state. Also, the South Indian beaches in Goa and other states will make your journey great.

North India

In North India, there are states like J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. These states are known to be in the lap of Nature. The Hills and the curving roads in these hills attract everybody. In J&K, Besides the Kashmir, Ladakh is also a very famous Area. It is situated at Indian-Tibetan (China)  Border. In Himachal, the Adventure sports like Paragliding, sky diving, mountaineering will make you feel amazing. Other than Himachal and J&K, the state of Punjab is known for its beautiful Holy Place The Golden Temple in the holy city Amritsar. Also in Punjab, the Agriculture related culture is a great thing to see.

South India

The states in South India are surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The Beaches and the water sports here in South India are the great things to see. In south India you will love to see and do Fishing at Bheemeshwari, Quad Bike Expedition in Goa, Scooba diving in Andaman & Nicobar, River rafting and camping in jog fall etc.

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