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Top 5 island for the honey moon


Top 5 island for the honey moon

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Here top 5 island where you can spend the honey moon. It is the one life trip for every couple or two persons in love. These romantic moments uniting you together will last forever in your eternal memories, you and your soul mate.

Every brand new bride and groom start preparing, after finishing the exhausting wedding ceremony, for an unforgettable moment for fun and relaxation. However, lots of couples are facing situation of confusion and hesitation because of the myriad of wonderful and astonishing places with romantic mood where they can spend their honey moon.

What are the best tourist destinations to spend the honey moon?

Top 5 island where you can spend the honey moon

Li Galli Islands In Italy.. the “dolphin island”

A heaven for tourist and most prized destination for lovers seeking intimacy. If you are looking for a place away from the city’s noise and enjoying heavenly beautiful landscapes and historical ruins, you should visit the dolphin island.

It is composed of a natural archipelago on Italy’s Amalfi coast, between the Capri and Bostiano Islands.

The islands host thousands of tourists at the summer’s peak because of its magical views, where they can experiment diving in the turquoise waters between rocks.

The island’s meals are unique, because the vegetables and fruits are fresh and cultivated on the island, in addition to the fish caught on its generous shores.

You can visit on the islands ruins from the Roman Era, such as the roman tower, built in the 12th century.

For the record the island was owned by three of the most famous Russian ballet dancers.

Bora Bora Island.. island of floating shacks

It is an island part of the Leeward group in the Society of islands of the French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.

Qualifying it a the most beautiful island in the world in no exaggeration, since the magic of nature there, where the blue sky, the green trees and the sound of its calm waves, make of Bora Bora an indescribable view.

The most beautiful places in Bora Bora:

Mount Etemanu, the highest volcanic mountain overlooking the beaches surrounding the island, where the view is magical.

Matira beach, elected as the best beach in the world with its white soft sand and pure water.

The coral beaches: if you visit Bora Bora you have to dive into the colored coral reefs.

The lovers’ island:

The Santorini island is located in the southern Aegean Sea. within the Cyclades archipelago in the Southeast of Greece.

It was formed on remnant volcanic rocks with a croissant shape, what gives it more beauty among the world’s islands.

The island is characterized with its worldwide known restaurants and hotels and more particularly.the view it gives on the rocky cliffs and the archeological museum with ruins from over the 3rd century and great shopping places.

The view of the sun set as if it is drowining in the water. is a view you should not miss when visiting the lovers’ island.

Maldives island

It is a group of about a thousand islands In Asia and more specifically in the Indian Ocean.

With its stunning tourist features, the Maldives are the most prized destination for tourist. In particular married couples to spend their honey money coming from all over the world.

It is characterized with its resorts taken over by tourists newly married couples. It has also villas on the water, equipped with all the required equipment for relaxation, fun and good time.. in addition to the amusing sea trips and massage sessions.

You can enjoy there the white sandy beaches. the cocoa trees and the non-inhabited islands that still preserve their virgin nature.

Thai Phi Phi islands:

With its stunning nature, its breathtaking magic. the Phi Phi Islands are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world where you can find lovers and seekers of romance and intimacy.

By boat only, on a trip of about 45 minutes you can reach the island and be sure that you will be incredibly surprised by the magic of nature. the calm and its pure air.

Phi Phi Islands are the most suitable place to practice your hobbies such diving, fishing, and of course night sea trips on board of the yachts made for that purpose.

The Phi Phi island became famous and known after the shooting of Dicaprio’s movie “the Beach”.

Now, don’t think too much, just lay on the soft sand and enjoy the warm sun and the pure sea air, clear your mind and enjoy the best moments of your life with your life partner.


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Bora Bora Island , the place that I’ll remember my whole life, best moments of my life.

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