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This is how to apply Schengen Tourist Visa for Italy ?

This is how to apply Schengen Tourist Visa for Italy ?

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The delicious pizza, Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and the powerful gladiators , the Colosseum’s  stars such as Spartacus and Crickos???

It’s “Italy”

The #tourism sector in Italy is one of the most important economic sectors of the country, the number of tourists who visit Italy every year according to the latest statistics 43.7 million per year.

Italy’s the fourth country in terms of tourist revenue, and the fifth country in terms of number of visitors .

Italy is rich in natural and artistic, and its monuments from historic Greek civilizations to Romania and charmed touched  in the world of fashion and culture.

And don’t forget, of course, the Italian pasta and delicious pizzas.

Schengen Tourist Visa for entry into Italy!!

Foreign tourists wishing to visit Italy for tourism must obtain a Schengen visa in accordance with European Union laws.

What is a #Schengen Tourist visa?

How to apply for a #Schengen #TOURIST Visa to visit Italy?

Schengen Visa :

is a European agreement signed between the 27 countries of European countries, in order to facilitate entry and exit to citizens of these countries without prior visa for multiple purposes as tourism, work, study and travel in general, as well as to facilitate the movement of trade between the signatory states of the Schengen area of the Convention.

What matters to us here is the #Schengen tourist visa.

Schengen Tourist Visa:

Symbol C, and this visa allows an individual alone or with his family to freedom of movement, and tourism, and termination of business, for up to 90 days in all Schengen area , in condition that you have to enter from the airport of the country that you have applied  visa from .

What documents are required for the #Schengen Tourist Visa application?

Italy follows the Schengen group, which can be consulted if you issue a visa to an EC country. The visa must be submitted six months before travel. The visa file is as follows:

  • Visa application form
  • A recent passport size photo
  • A travel document valid for at least three months for the duration of the visa requested
  • reservation or return ticket or proof of personal transportation
  • Proof of the financial viability of life in Italy, as stated in the Ministerial Directive of the Ministry of the Interior of 01/03/2000
  • Documentation to prove the social and professional situation

Health insurance covering at least €30,000 for emergency medical expenses and repatriation costs valid in the Schengen area

  • Provide accommodation (hotel reservation, host permit, residence permit)
  • Visa fees for adults are about 60 euros

When you connect to Italy or the Schengen area, even if your possession visa – Border authorities have the right to request documents and requirements when the visa application

Who holds a tourist visa does not have to apply for a residence permit

No visa required?

As previously mentioned, Schengen nationals are not interested in entry visas under the Schengen Agreement:

Schengen area countries :

The Netherlands. Denmark. Belgium and Switzerland. Poland and Italy. Hungary. Czech Republic. Greece, Estonia, Malta, France. Finland, Iceland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal. Slovenia and Sweden. Spain. Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

In addition to the countries of these countries:

 Albania, Argentina Australia New Zealand Brazil Canada Chile Costa Rica Panama Uruguay Croatia El Salvador Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras Venezuela United States of America

   Welcome to Italy and I wish for you a good time with your family and friends.




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applied and now waiting. Finally after many year I have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country.

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