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THE TOP 5 strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!!

THE TOP 5 strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!!

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Who does not like to have some fun and entertainment?? Of course none, everyone likes to have fun and be happy, but everyone also has his own way to express joy and happiness that differs from one person to another, so some may jump high, others dance, and even cry.

Even peoples around the world have ways to celebrate that may differ from one country to another, according to traditions and cultures. That we can notice during the different year-round world festivals.

Let’s discover together the five strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!

Holi, the colours festival

It is a Hindu sacred popular celebration, usually organized in March of each year, welcoming the spring.

This celebration lasts 16 days during spring, and consists in participants on each other shooting balls full of festive industrial paints in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. You may see the rainbow in front of you in the middle of the crowd, the dancing and loud laughs.

The story of Holi festival goes back many centuries in the past. Some legends say that the God Krishna was so jealous of his soul mate skin that he went to his mother and told her about his jealousy and sadness because of his dark skin. She suggested to him to spray Radha with any color he wanted to see her with.

The festival is organized in several Asian countries, starting with India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal.

La tomatina, the tomato battle festival

Spanish along with tourists celebrate this annual festival on the last Wednesday of August in the Bunol village in Valencia.

It started in 1944, when some young people spending their time in the city’s square (Plaza del pueblo), came across an exhibition and caused the falling of one of the participants, so a fight arises where vegetables and fruits were used.

The following year, the same young people did the same thing, bringing this time with them tomatoes for the fight, and so it became a celebration dedicated to that village.

The celebration was prohibited i, 1950, but came back later under pressure made by the village inhabitants in 1957.

In 2017, over 20.000 persons participated in the annual « tomato battle” festival, in Spain, using over 160 tons of tomatoes, unfit for consumption.

Among the festival’s tradition is that the women wear white shirts when men wear no shirts at all.

The battle of oranges festival in Ivrea in Italy

Have you ever seen a sky full of vitamine C?

In Ivrea, a city in the north west of Italy, Italians wait for this festival eagerly, wearing medieval costumes and armed with oranges only.

In February of each year, is organized one of the oldest Italian festival in Ivrea with its 25.000 inhabitants, crowded further with tourists and 600 tons of oranges.

This historical festival is on huge festival that the Italians organize to celebrate their self-determination. Its origins go back to the 19th century, when the peasants started a popular revolution against the feudal governors throwing at them rotten oranges to express their anger and indignation. The battle lasts 3 days and is different from the Latomatina festival, in the fact that it is performed between teams especially set for the occasion and is not generalized on all the participants to the festival.

Boreyeong mud festival

“feels like I am a child again, feeling what I felt once young when I used to dive in the mud and had fun” this is how one participant to the festival said… so if you ever feel nostalgic about that feeling, you just have to participate in the mud festival.

South of the capital Seoul, about 190 km in the city of Boreyeong, visitors and residents have fun playing with mud in a festival that lasts a whole week attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists.

The festival was organized for the first time in 1998 as advertisment for some local make-up products, using in their composition mud extracted from the muddy surfaces of Boreyeong. Up to 2007, the festival attracted around 2.2 million tourists, acquiring thus a world wide fame.

During the festival you can simply play with mud, attend or participate in mud fights or marathon. You can also have mud massages and other funny and pleasant activities.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

One of the greatest and noisiest carnivals in Brazil, but also in the world. It is organized 46 days before Easter, corresponding to the 8th of April, and lasts a whole week, by one of the greatest Samba schools in Brazil, where beautiful dancers wear colorful and strange costumes, dancing on bouncing and joyful music.

The dancers perform along Samba de Rosso Avenue; a long street surrounded with gardens and parks. It is not just an exhibition, but also a competition between 13 of the numerous samba schools in Brazil in order to entertain the public and show their skills and magical costumes.

The carnival took place for the first time in 1641, when Portuguese used to imitate the Europeans in their festival.

The atmosphere full of joy and music, attracts thousands of tourists around the world and you will just be extremely astonished when attending this unique experience.


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