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Tanzania Short Introduction for Travelers

Tanzania Short Introduction for Travelers

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CapitalDodoma (moved from Dar es Salaam in 1973)
CurrencyTanzanian shilling (TZS)
Area945,087 km2
Population37,187,939 (July 2002 est.)
LanguageKiswahili or Swahili (official); English (official); Arabic(official in Zanzibar); many local languages.
ReligionMainland – Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar – 99% Muslim
Electricity230V/50Hz (Indian or UK plug)
Country code+255 (007 from Kenya and Uganda)
Time ZoneUTC +3

Best 5 Places To Visit in Tanzania

1 Katavi National Park WESTERN TANZANIA
2 Tarangire National Park NORTHERN TANZANIA
3 Serengeti National Park NORTHERN TANZANIA
4 Mt Kilimanjaro National Park NORTHERN TANZANIA
5 Mahale Mountains National Park WESTERN TANZANIA

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