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Tag: Tanzania

Marriage and Family in Tanzania

The relative status of woman and men.
Unfortunately, women seem to have a lower standard of living than man do. Generally, boys are valued more than girls and this is something that should be changed. Only businesswomen or women politicians can enjoy privileges equal to that of men. [...]

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Art and languages in Tanzania

Painting, Cartoon, Sculpture this and so much more in this beautiful country.
Ever heard about Tingatinga? Well if not, this is a very popular Tanzanian painting, painted with enamel paints on canvas. Most of them are with animals and flowers all in a colorful design. This style comes from [...]

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Religion, Law, and order in Tanzania

The religions in Tanzania are Muslim and Christianity. One third of the population are Muslims and one third – the other religion. Christianity began to show up in Tanzania at the beginning of the 16th century. The remaining third belongs to one of the numerous indigenous religions. Hinduism and Buddhism are also found among the population. [...]

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Culture in Tanzania

Does the name Tanganyika tell you something? Weird but this was the first name of the country Tanzania, given by a British civil servant in 1920.  But then in 1964 Tanganyika joined Zanzibar and other islands so it became the United Republic of Tanzania.

This country has a very rich history because Tanzania was a former colony of Germany and Britain. In many architectural buildings and remains, there are slave trade and other goods to be seen. [...]

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