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Switzerland : The Land of Milk And Honey

Located in Central Europe, Switzerland is one of the gorgeous countries that every traveler dreams of traveling to. Bordered -with France to the west, Italy to the South, Liechtenstein & Austria to the east & Germany to the North, Switzerland is one of the most picturesque & mountainous countries in Europe. [...]

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Switzerland Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Berne Government Federal Republic Currency Swiss franc (CHF) Area 41,285km² Population 7,952,600 (December 2011) including 1,814,800 foreigners (23%) Language Swiss-German [2], German, French, Italian, Lombard, Romansh Religion 38.8% Roman Catholic, 30.9% Protestant, 20.1% non-denominational, 4.5% Muslims, 2.4% other Christian communities, 1.1% other religious communities, 0.24% Judaism Electricity 230V, 50Hz Country code +41 Internet TLD .ch Time Zone UTC+1 Best [...]read moreSwitzerland Short Introduction for Travelers