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Tag: South America

Uruguay, beautiful all year round.

Uruguay is a small country located in the south of the continent between the countries of Brazil and Argentina, and surrounded by the river Uruguay, the Río de la Plata (River Plate) and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a great variety of tourist destinations such as amazing beaches, vibrant cities, typical hostels, thermal regions and beautiful historical places. Its cleanliness, safety, cultural and health offer make this one of the countries with the best quality of life in the region and an excellent destination for travelers looking for moments of fun and relaxation. [...]

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Chile, the Cosmopolitan country of Latin America


Chile is not one of the popular destinations of Latin America but it hosts beautiful landscapes that would leave anyone breathless. In the longest and narrowest country in South America there are activities for lovers of the sea, snow, deserts or mountains as well as art museums, modern restaurants and hectic bars. This article is an invitation to know the best destinations in Chile. [...]

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Peru: Diverse, Millenary and Natural

Peru is one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers, many arrive there in search of the most beautiful and unique natural landscapes, and many others arrive to know the artistic, cultural and architectural richness left by one of the most important indigenous tribes of South America, the Incas. The experience is completed by the exquisite Peruvian cuisine , considered the most diverse in the world. In its dishes the culinary tradition of indigenous Peru meets together with the influence of the Spanish, African, Chinese, Italian and Japanese cuisines. [...]

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Discovering Ecuador


Despite being one of the countries with lesser extent in Latin America, Ecuador offers travelers lots of adventures and breathtaking landscapes. [...]

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Colombia, a true jewel of South America

When you hear this name, you may not think of this country as a tourist destination. A few decades ago, drug trafficking and internal warfare made Colombia a feared destination for some travelers around the world.


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