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A Live Experience of one of the " Seven  Wonders of The World"

Touring Maasai Mara is a liking of many individuals all over the world. And it’s not just all about touring Maasai Mara, but to lively experience the Mara dynamism. This  a dream for every individual. Kenya, one of the beautiful countries, with great culture and heritage, blessed with  many attractions, must be your next destination. Come and experience one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world!

Situated in south-west Ke


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Kenya Tourism Statistics 2015 & 2016

Kenya is a home to well over 50 national parks and game reserves. It also has a broad coastline that covers approximately 500km. Kenya offers broad cultural and historic attractions to its tourists, both local and international tourists.

Because of the rapid growth of the tourism industry, it has become the country’s second largest foreign exchange earner. A part from the natural beauties, Kenya boasts of its beautiful traditional culture that has refused to diffuse even with the growing technology. The Maasai community remains one of the few communities in Africa that has held strong to its cultural practices. From their stories of the morans (Maasai initiates) fighting lions, to the stories of their skin piercings, these make Kenya one of the few ultimate destinations for tourists worldwide.


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