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See the most luxurious safaris you can find in Kenya

See the most luxurious safaris you can find in Kenya

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A trip to the African continent can also be an opportunity to enjoy the luxury and comfort of facilities and services. If your budget allows you to go to Kenya safari, here we offer several options for you to have a magical, exciting and comfortable trip.

When you choose to have a Kenya safari, you can be sure that you will have the best rooms, exquisite food, excellent drinks, a distinguished treatment and the crossing will be done in the most modern transport.

Keep in mind that prices are really high for each of these services, but comfort sometimes counts a little. Being well cared for and having the security to enjoy the landscape and the fauna without effort, it’s worth it.

One of the ways to make a Kenya safari is by plane. This new and expensive way of touring the parks and reserves has been implemented by airlines, which offer the service with a cost per person that can exceed $ 10,000.00.

From the heights, you can enjoy a Kenya safari in the area of ​​Massai Mara, Samburu, and Lewa, with the advice of expert guides, who will describe what is observed by the wide windows and from its rotating seat.

Another way to make a luxurious Kenya safari is with a balloon ride. Certainly, it is a spectacle to fly over the vast plains of the Serengeti at dawn and to see how the fauna wakes up in this area is something indescribable.

In addition, a delicious breakfast and a luxury toast that give the tourist a great experience. The look is lost in the horizon and the visual field is very extensive, allowing to observe all the activity with enough clarity.

You can also choose to rent cabins with all the comfort of a 5-star hotel. You can have massages, spa, fine decoration and personalized attention while in Kenya. If you want to rest and feel like a queen this is your best option.

These rooms have spectacular views, from the finely furnished balconies and terraces. You will not have to move from there to capture nature in full motion, the sunsets are truly magical and the views magnificent.

There are agencies that offer a tour of the most interesting places, which are made in transport with all the conditions of comfort. Visiting private reserves, which have tourist services.

If you have the economic means to make a safari with all the majesty you deserve, check with your travel agency and book a luxurious vacation. You will not regret and you will have the best time of your life.

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