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Samoa Short Introduction for Travelers

Samoa Short Introduction for Travelers

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GovernmentParliamentary republic
CurrencyTala (WST)
Areatotal: 2,944 sq kmwater: 10 sq km land: 2,934 sq km
Population178,631 (July 2002 est.)
LanguageSamoan (Polynesian), English
ReligionChristian 99.7% (about one-half of population associated with the London Missionary Society; includes Congregational, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Latter-Day Saints, Seventh-Day Adventist)
Country code+685
Time ZoneUTC +13 (DST +14)

Best 5 Places To Visit in Samoa

1 Robert Louis Stevenson Museum & Mt Vaea National Reserve AROUND APIA
2 To Sua Ocean Trench EASTERN ‘UPOLU
3 Alofaaga Blowholes SOUTH COAST
4 Papase’ea Sliding Rocks AROUND APIA
5 Maketi Fou APIA

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