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Safety and security in Kenya

Safety and security in Kenya

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Safety and security in Kenya

In big cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and other, bag snatching is often, especially at the bus station, railway station and airports. Also, kidnapping and car-jacking are not very rare to happen. After reading this you may be afraid to visit this country but it’s all good because these things happen almost everywhere you go.

You just have to be careful all the time and it’s better if you follow the advice from your employer or your hosts. So, you should avoid walking around after dark, especially in isolated areas, carrying large amounts of cash, also watches and jewelry. It’s much better for you if you carry a form of ID with you all the times. Your passport should follow you everywhere too.

Think about if you accept food or drink from a stranger, it may be drugged!

If we talk about local travel, I must mention that there were a number of violent incidents. They resulted in fatalities in Coast Province in 2013. Even if most of these were again Kenyan police, you should take extra care in the coast area and be vigilant.

Driving in Kenya is not so safe. Their road conditions and driving standards are often poor. You should drive with windows closed and doors locked. Avoid driving at night if it’s possible. It’s sad to mention that vehicles are often poorly maintained and driven at excessive speed. Checking the bus operator’s safety standards doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all!

Matatus (minibusses) are poorly maintained, badly driven and uninsured. There are often reports of matatus being hijacked and passengers being robbed.

I hope it will not happen to you, but if you ever stopped by a police officer you should ask for the due process to be followed. The officer should issue you with a ‘receipt for cash bond’ , a piece of paper telling you when and where you need to attend court to answer the charge against you.


One thought on “Safety and security in Kenya”
Lea says:

I think it’s pretty safe as long as you keep an eye on your personal belongings. It’s a very poor country, so people make due, but it’s not UNSAFE in terms of health, violence etc.

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