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Religion, Law, and order in Tanzania

Religion, Law, and order in Tanzania

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The religions in Tanzania are Muslim and Christianity. One third of the population are Muslims and one third – the other religion. Christianity began to show up in Tanzania at the beginning of the 16th century. The remaining third belongs to one of the numerous indigenous religions. Hinduism and Buddhism are also found among the population.

Of course, religion is playing the biggest role in their life so they are criticized sometimes. Example when Muslim take an intoxicating liquor or marry Christian woman.

Another fun fact is the Tanzanian constitution provides for the freedom of religion. Religious holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Prophet Mohammed’s birthday are all given equal emphasis in Tanzania. Religions groups in Tanzania played a key role in shaping the society of the country. Muslims brought Islam and introduced the Swahili language. Christian developed the nation by providing education and healthcare to the residents.

Now some information about Laws and  order in this country

‘Mob justice’ one of the worst punishment I have ever heard about. You will not believe it, but if you steal something you will be beaten and then burnt to death by a nearby crowd. So scary! But there are also hundreds of petty offenses in Tanzania. They are all set by the law.

In general, the laws of any country will be based on the same values as at home but significant differences can be present subject to the prevailing cultural, religious and political environment in the country.

It is worth to point out here that there are statutory bodies created under various laws in Tanzania. These bodies are given powers to initiate subregulatory committees such as Research Ethics Committees. The procedures devised, to approve the protocols are legally binding despite the fact that there would be no specific law or regulation which details the procedures.

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