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Palestinian Territories Short Introduction for Travelers

Palestinian Territories Short Introduction for Travelers

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Capitalde facto administrative capital: Ramallah
GovernmentPNA (Palestinian National Authority)
CurrencyIsraeli new shekel (ILS) with Jordanian dinars widely accepted in the West Bank (JOD)
Population3,837,957 (2008 estimate)
LanguageArabic; English and Hebrew are the most commonly used foreign languages
ReligionMuslim 75% (predominantly Sunni), Christian and other 8%, Jewish 17%
Electricity230V, 50Hz (Israeli plug)
Time ZoneUTC +2

Best 5 Places To Visit in Palestinian Territories

1 Mar Saba Monastery BETHLEHEM
2 Yasser Arafat Museum RAMALLAH
3 Hisham’s Palace JERICHO
4 Freedom Theatre JENIN
5 Church of the Nativity BETHLEHEM

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