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Options for a Kenya safari

Options for a Kenya safari

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If nature, the outdoors and wildlife are your idea for a trip, then your next destination should be a safari. Deciding where to make them can be difficult, because they all have attractions, however if it is your first safari, Kenya is without doubt the right choice.

Kenya, and Safari have been synonymous for decades, the reason is that in its territory there are several parks and wildlife reserves, which have placed him in the place of honor for this kind of trip, also has a quality accommodation offer to good prices.

What to do in a Kenya safari ?, the many options, but the jewel in the crown, is the Masai Mara national reserve for three main reasons, the first because every September there is a spectacular event in which millions of herbivores arrive looking for water and fertile lands, especially wildebeest and zebras. The second because in these savannahs you can get close to the big 5 and finally, for being the seat even today, one of the best-known tribes: The Masáis.

But to go to Kenya safari, has more amazing things, The Door to Hell National Park, has the peculiarity that the route must be done on foot or by bicycle, without the need of a guide. There is a great variety of fauna, although in small quantity, but the landscape with cliffs and ravines and the possibility of going to its own air, will make it something unique in Africa.

If your weakness is the flamingos, then you should not miss visiting Lake Nakuru, where the amount you can see will make you feel like in a documentary. Rhinos also have this for one of their favorite places.

Do you want to have a close encounter with elephants? Then National Park Amboseli is the place for you, looking out over Mount Kilimanjaro.

Do you want a different experience ?, visit Aberdare National Park  , located in one of the highest parts of the country and crossed by rivers, which gives the possibility of staying in hotels “tree” built on the banks for a different safari watching from a viewpoint to the animals when they come to drink .

A Kenya safari is this but even more so if you want to see lions, cheetahs and leopards, as well as elephants, buffalos, hippos and Nile crocodiles, then include in your tour the Samburu National Park

You are visiting Nairobi, you can still have the opportunity of a Kenya safari, take some time and visit the Nairobi National Park just 10 minutes from the center and observe the wildlife with the skyscrapers of the city as a backdrop.

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