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The Uganda Safari Chapter - there's always something new out of Africa


We are an independent tour operator specializing in safari travel to Uganda and Rwanda. Our highly experienced team is ready to the safari holiday that best suits you, whether you are planning a honey moon, a family holiday, a first time visit to the pearl of Africa or a return trip to a favorite lodge.

Professionalism and Many Years of Care
Our Ugandan safari Directors have over 20 years combined experience in ground handling and tour operations. show more

Uganda… our Safari, your story – The Uganda Safari Chapter

Discover the Uganda we know and love. Let’s go on a Ugandan Safari Chapter!


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Uganda… our Safari, your story

Our goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of Uganda, why it as it is and why it
exists as the Pearl of Africa.
Uganda is a land of contrasts. In half a day you can drive from mist-shrouded volcanic
mountains to hot hazy savannah, dappled with wildlife. Serene undulating hills of tea
plantations, lush but ordered, give way to tangled jungle and rainforest with the musical
accompaniment of chaotic, cacophonous birdlife. Uganda is alive with these contrasts:
The tiniest sunbirds, iridescent in the morning light, the massive lumbering yet silent
elephant, disappearing like a vapor behind the trees, the chimpanzees crashing about the
forest canopy, the lugubrious gorilla, chewing thoughtfully in the bamboo thicket.
There’s the Nile, twisting its way north like a shimmering ribbon, through arid semi-
desert scattered about with rocky kopjes. Snow capped peaks, tropical, sandy, freshwater
beaches, and smiling faces everywhere. It’s all here, a feast for all the senses.

Discover the Uganda we know and love.
Let’s go on a Ugandan Safari Chapter!