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At Medobay, we recognise that you have come all the way for nothing but the best in terms of show more

Medical Travel Planning with MedoBay

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What we can offer you?

Free Consultation

At MedoBay, we recognize the importance of making a well-informed decision. Allow us to consult our seasoned specialists on your behalf.

Medical Travel Planning

At MedoBay, we like to believe that we are good at what we do – Medical Travel Planning – but we always prefer that our clients confirm it too. We work closely with a number of partners, agencies, health specialist and hospitals to bring you a holistic and memorable service delivery in the best possible clinics and medical centers.

Travel Assistance

Travelling to a new place can be unsettling for most of us. Which is why a MedoBay we are always seeking new ways to redefine your experience and remove the discomfort associated with travels. We have resorted to introducing airport transportation, round the clock assistance, top-class accommodation facilities for both you and your friends and families (if applicable).

24/7 Support and your voice

Regardless of whether you want the city to take you by surprise or you want us to ease you slowly into it, we will be there at every step of the way to assist you and lend you a helping hand.

Free Quote

Once we have a clear direction and plan as to the service we are going to offer you, we will draft a comprehensive quote and come up with a concise and affordable pricing for your medical trip.

Allocating medical experts for your treatment

We run a very organised vetting and screening system for all medical specialists and clinics before we then carefully assign them based on need and compatibility to our clients. We are thorough with this process as it involves designating your treatment to an experienced and highly skilled medical expert.

Pre and Post-hospital Care

Are you tenses or anxious about the pre-admission process? Would you rather have assistance and help during this period? We will be on ground to help you with your hospital registration process If need be. Remember, we mean it when we say that your comfort is our concern. We will go to great lengths to ensure that your stay is smooth, memorable and fulfilled.

Great Tours

Travelling is a joyous and graceful experience, which is why we don’t want you to remain stuck in your hotel room or accommodation. We have a list of fantastic tourist attractions and places that you can visit, numerous cuisines you can try and great historical sites to explore.

MedoBay HQ is located in London, UK. We have an office in Tehran, Iran.

You can contact us through email, WhatsApp or phone.

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