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LEO Rent A Car / Exotic Car Rental – Driver Hire – Leasing – Cab Service – Shuttle Service – M.I.C.E

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LEO Rent A Car / Exotic Car Rental – Driver Hire – Leasing – Cab Service – Shuttle Service – M.I.C.E



Leo Car is one of the leading luxury car rental companies in Lebanon. Strong of our fourgeneration experience 
in chauffeured luxurious car rental, we put all our knowhow to provide you with the best service possible. 
We make sure you get the right mean of transport you need during your stay.

Our Mission

To provide our customers the quintessence mean of transportation to make their vacations unforgettable,
their business trips stress-free and their wedding ride exceptional.

Our Vision

Our vision is to extend our leading position, differentiating ourselves from our competitors and continue to improve our customer service.

Our Values

Service : The customer service is our lifestyle

We bring a special and strict attention to our customer service throughout our courteous behavior 
and our distinctive professional dress. Customers rely on Leo Car because our employees believe in our 
personalized and courteous service they offer each day. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each client.

Brand : Our brand is precious

The reputation of our company is linked to our success and this influences our daily business activities. 
Our name, this strong brand identity we created, is our most valuable asset.

Pleasure: Our company offers a friendly environment where collaboration reigns. We work hard to achieve
our growth and success. We are also working hard to make our workplace a pleasant place. We are known
for our enthusiasm, great energy, our competitiveness and team spirit. We also believe that the key of our success
starts with an optimistic, motivated and highly committed workforce.

Honesty: Honesty and integrity at the heart of our success

As representatives of our company, our employees must demonstrate our strong commitment to the highest
ethical standards. We work on building long term relationship with our clients by treating them fairly, responding
to their needs and gaining their trust. These relations, supported with honesty and integrity are the key of our success.

Environmental Statement

At Leo Car, we work hard in order to manage the environmental aspects of our business. In fact, one-quarter of
our 2013 model year vehicles are Eco-rides. We also intend to have in the next year gas and electric hybrid cars.
Furthermore, two-third of our fleet is composed by fuel efficient cars (55 km per gallon). 
On the other hand, all of our contracts are computer based and sent to our clients by email. This allows us to 
avoid paper waste. Moreover, all of our car tyres and engine oil are recycled.

Phone: +9611850700
Address: Beirut, Jnah, Said Al Khanssa Street,
Hayat Building, Ground Floor