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Nepal Inbound Tourism Statistics by Country 2014 Between 2017

Nepal Inbound Tourism Statistics by Country 2014 Between 2017

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Throughout the year 1993-2014 The tourism industry in Nepal had seen a tremendous growth mostly due to the encouragement of the Nepalese government in the form of subsidies, continuous increase in standard of living and promotions of the diversified country providing equally diversified and ample activities to the little known world through social medias. However the tourism industry suffered a heavy loss in the year 2015.

Inbound Tourism Nepal

The inbound tourism had taken a colossal hit following the massive earthquake that shook Nepal in April 2015. Nepalese tourism industry sank by 31% that year, more than quarter million people working in the tourism industry jobless during that crucial time. Helping each other as a community and rapidly rebuilding from the hit with the faith of the world, in 2016 the industry raised by 40% the largest growth ever seen for inbound tourism. Here are the major reasons for the boost in the tourism sector. First, after the earthquake Nepalese rupees had fallen greatly against US dollars hence other currencies, decreasing the cost of travel and amenities. Second, many people having families, loved ones abroad came for a reunion mostly from the neighboring country India. Third, introduction to homestay tourism with first class amenities at a competitive price. Fourth being the discounted rate in celebration for the recovery from the hit in different activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, bungee jumping by the tourism board and Nepal does boast top eight peaks of the ten in the world hence a blessing in disguise for the adrenaline junkies.


3United States79,14653,64542,687498,30
4United Kingdom51,05846,29529,73036,759
5Sri Lanka45,36157,52144,36737,546
7South Korea34,30125,17118,11223,205
Total Foreigner940,218753,002538,970790,118

(Statistics provided by the tourism board of Nepal for the number of visits by various countries)

(Statistics provided by Nepal Tourism board for the purpose of visit)

Furthermore to boost the tourism industry, it has opened more ground for activities, like Elephant polo in the terai region and the mountain flight, giving the closest spectacular view of the highest peak Mount Everest along with the sea of mountains Nepal boasts.

Domestic tourism

Nepalese attitude towards domestic tourism has yet to be commercialized.  There are only few destinations in Nepal which are major attraction for the Nepalese people namely Pokhara , Chitwan, Lumbini, Janakpur, Manakama, Kathmandu and so on. Most people have not even been near the Everest base camp yet proudly acclaims of it being in Nepal. Major cause might be due to the pricing of the travel and lodging industry. The fact is many Nepalese cant afford to travel to such places, blame it on the average income of 10,000 NRS per month while the minimal cost for such expeditions may cost you 10,000$. Hence, preferring to add additional bucks for a foreign tour.

 Outbound Tourism

Nepal seems to have adapted to visiting foreign soils quickly primarily because in most households one member is abroad either for further studies or mostly for labor works. Although the opportunity is vast in Nepal the initial pay for the workers are quite low compared to what other countries are offering hence when people go abroad family and close relatives often go to travel mostly to meet their loved ones.  Another reason for the rise of outbound tourism might be the cheap fares that budget airlines like Air Asia, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways have brought along with the cheap travel loans numerous banks in Nepal are giving away. It is speculated that more than domestic travels, travel agencies are getting request for more foreign travels.

Following the trend and the statistics Nepal Tourism board has declared by 2027 international tourist arrival is forecasted to be around 1,384,000 generating Rs 102.1 billion with the average increase of 6.8% per annum.

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