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Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve Kenya.

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve Kenya.

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Having the chance to visit the Kenyan coast is just a dream come true to lots of people all over the world; it`s captivating landscape, awesome environment and the beautiful people altogether offer a hospitable atmosphere to visitors of the place. Welcome to “The Allure of Natural Beauty”

Lying under 10 km² (2,500 acres) and 200 km² (49,400 acres), The Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve are the most heavily visited of Kenya’s marine parks. The P

ark and reserve are found between the Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks near tourist areas, and is a very popular white sandy beach.

The Mombasa Marine park experiences warm tropical climate changing at the surface in the vicinity of 25°C and 31°C all over the year, moderate nutrient levels and stable salinity regimes.

Warm Purplish Blue Ocean, swaying coconut palms at the white sandy shorelines are to be found in The Marine National Park and The Marine National Reserve. The park`s blue waters are perfect for divers, water skiing, wind surfing, swimming and jumping. They likewise give a home to a brilliant variety of marine species including; starfish, crabs, cucumbers ocean urchins, stone fish, corals, ocean grasses, intriguing transient winged creatures along with crab plovers and turtles.

For experienced divers, The Nyulli reef in Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve is your best option. This is a decent dive with strong streams which permit drifts through tremendous coral, barracuda, snapper, huge Napoleon wrasse and uncommon zebra shark. A significantly easier dive is Kisite Point. There is a lot of huge, tame reefs to be found here, with normal dive depth of around 12 meters. Jumpers at Kisite frequently encounter bottlenose dolphins and hawksbill turtles.

There are much more dive sites ranged along the coast from Tiwi south to Shimoni. WELCOME TO KENYAN COAST, COME AND HAVE THE RAFTING EXPERIENCE ON WHITE WATERS.

 lets have some rafting experience .


 dive near the beautiful sea creatures.


 The marine park is a home to various species.


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Zack says:

rafting was everything. Some of the best experiences in my life.. I’m glad I had the opportunity to be there.

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