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Mexico, a must-see destination

Mexico, a must-see destination

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Recognized worldwide for its delicious food, Mexico is one of the most important tourist destinations worldwide. Thousands of travelers arrive day after day to this Latin American country in search of its different historical, natural, gastronomic and cultural attractions. The historical vestiges left in these lands by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures are for visitors a trip to the past and to the interior of its rich culture, its beautiful beaches are the perfect place for the party, accompanied by the tasty national liquor: tequila.


It is an archaeological zone located in the State of Mexico, where the ruins of one of the most important cities of the Mesoamerican culture can be found. According to tradition it is here where the gods met to plan the creation of man, the translation of this word of the Nahuatl language is “the place where men became gods”. It is believed that the construction of this city began around 300 BC by the Toltecs, the ancestors of the Aztecs, with the pyramid of the sun, the largest in the complex. Its proximity to the city of Mexico allows visitors to easily access this place, an essential point to enter in the pre-Hispanic past of Mexico.

Chichen Itza

In the peninsula of Yucatan is located this ancient Mayan city that preserves the main buildings of its time of greatest splendor. The buildings of Chichen Itzá date from the year 525 a.C. and here you can see the Temple of warriors, the observatory,  the pyramid of Kukulkan, the court of the ball game and the Tzompantli, the latter was a platform where the heads of enemies were nailed.



This ancient walled city of the Mayan culture is currently a great tourist attraction of the Mayan Riviera. Its paradisiacal beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters make visitors feel the fullness of nature. Besides its different beaches, in Tulum you can visit several cenotes, that are very deep wells of spring water created by nature. Unlike other places like Cancun, where the bustle and the festive atmosphere can limit the rest, in Tulum you can enjoy nature and rest, here there are many small lodges, boutique hotels and cabins.


This beautiful city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and is one of the most beautiful in Mexico because of its historic center, its cobbled alleys that form intricate labyrinths, its squares, its staircases, the beautiful colors of the houses’s facades and its lively atmosphere full of tradition.

Due to its mineral wealth this city was an important mining district at the beginning of the 16th century. Today it receives tourists from all over the world, some even come to this city to get married in one of its beautiful colonial churches.


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