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Meet all kinds of safaris that exist, to make an exciting expedition

Meet all kinds of safaris that exist, to make an exciting expedition

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We have always thought that to see the wonders offered by a safari we have to go walking or in an all-terrain vehicle. Well, we have excellent news, now you can take a trip to the African jungle in different ways.

We have made a selection of the new ways of seeing and exploring this inhospitable territory. All are very safe and the decision depends on your physical endurance, the budget you have planned and your courage.

  1. Vehicle:

The safest way to go on safari is by taking a four-wheel drive vehicle, offering freedom of action and observing nature very closely. In a 6-seater closed van, it offers more security to the occupants and has an opening in the roof.

Two-story open trucks for large groups are more economical, cover routes that are too long and, in case of breakdowns, repairs take a long time, so valuable time is lost.

  1. Trekking or on foot:

This safari is usually done for areas where gorillas live and access for vehicles is not easy. It is very common in the jungles of Rwanda and Uganda. It must be done with an expert guide, who knows the area and have excellent physical conditions to complete the expedition.

  1. Motorcycle and Bicycle:

This type of transport gives the traveler a unique autonomy and ease of movement because they can travel in places where a normal vehicle could not enter. Likewise, they must be done with personnel that serves as a guide and abide by the established rules.

  1. Light aircraft:

This is a very practical way of doing a safari. They can be taken on the Okavango route, the Sossusvlei desert, and the Namibian coast. It is really quite a show to appreciate the landscape and the fauna from the heights, although they cannot be seen very close and for a long time.

  1. Elephant or horseback:

It is allowed in some reservations, for the safety of the visitor. But they represent a fascinating experience, to make the journey mounted on one of these animals. They can be done on Botswana farms and in several hotels that have this service.

  1. Mokkoro:

It is a safari that can be done in the Okavango Delta, it consists of taking a quiet canoe ride through the pipes, rich in flora and fauna, to observe the whole landscape and enjoy the silent atmosphere.

With all these ways of exploring the African territory, we hope that one can meet your needs and live a safari as an explorer. Either way, rest assured that you will have an enriching and memorable experience.


One thought on “Meet all kinds of safaris that exist, to make an exciting expedition”
Paul says:

We went on our motorcycles, it was perfect. Our guide was more than amazing. Experience for whole life.

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