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Marriage and Family in Tanzania

Marriage and Family in Tanzania

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The relative status of woman and men.
Unfortunately, women seem to have a lower standard of living than man do. Generally, boys are valued more than girls and this is something that should be changed. Only businesswomen or women politicians can enjoy privileges equal to that of men.

When it comes to marriage, traditional marriage customs vary by ethnic group. Traditional customs call for marriages to be arranged by the parents of the bride and groom.  They often include a presentation of a dowry or bride price to the wife’s family by the bridegroom. Normally, the preparation for the marriage takes months. For some people, marriage may include a separate ceremony and a few months later, a church wedding followed by traditional ceremonies.

When it comes to family, in most cases the man is the head of the household in all major decisions. A wife earns respect when she has children and she is not a fully mature woman until she has given birth to a healthy child.  Weird is that, that the children eat separately, often with their mothers.

Educated family members are often called upon to provide resources to other family members for their education.

Child rearing and education.

Until the age of five for boys and until adolescence for girls, children have the most contact with their family. Both boys and girls go to school if the parents can afford the fees. If the family does not have the money for both children to go to school, usually boys go and girls stay at home to help their mothers.  When they get married they move away.

Students are supposed to respect their teachers and corporal punishment is still practiced in Tanzanian schools.


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Lea says:

It’s so strange how cultural differences impact our minds. Something so common to them may seem very strange to us. Culture is a beautiful thing if you try to see it from a higher perspective.

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