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Marketing Your Products with Facebook Ads

Marketing Your Products with Facebook Ads

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Marketing Your Products with Facebook Ads

Those who have made social media work for them will swear by it because they’ve have built their business and gained numerous customers using it. So how can you sell on social media? It easier than you believe, trust me!

Step #1 – Offer a post
A post is considered successful if it has:

  • A specific offer with outline dates, price and duration.
  • A powerful post title that grabs viewers’ attention, maybe even add an emoji. Always think mobile first because over 90% of people access Facebook from a smartphone.
  • Always have your best image up front so that it can be displayed as a header image bigger than the rest. This increases engagement and your reach figures as a result.
  • A strong call to action by including who you are, where you are and how to book the offer.

Step #2 Use strong targeting
For better control and targeting options when working with Facebook Adverts Manager, always consider:

  • Key demographics, which are age, location, engaged or upcoming birthday.
  • Try to be specific with the interests. Instead of choosing a general interest such as “cooking”, choose an interest in cooking companies, recipe magazines or food brands so you can reach an audience responsive to cooking content.
  • Friends: People who like your page or friends of people who like your page.
  • Pattern: friends that have recently been on your website or previous customers.

Step #3 Respond adequately

If steps 1 and 2 have been executed well, you should have lots of interest on the post, your page and Facebook Messenger. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to respond too little (or not at all) and you don’t want to overdo it, spending too much time and effort. You need to find a level that’s just right, which will usually include:

  1. If they can’t see your name, sign off with it.
  2. Responding to anyone asking you a direct question.
  3. Detail why it’s an amazing offer.
  4. Provide information on what to do next.
  5. Never give a quote directly over Facebook.
  6. Be friendly and have fun with it!

There you have it! Pretty simple, don’t you think? Don’t forget to give Facebook advertising a go when you’re ready and watch the results rain in!

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TourismProf.Club Author Team

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