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Macau Short Introduction for Travelers

Macau Short Introduction for Travelers

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GovernmentSpecial Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
CurrencyMacau Pataca (MOP) (official)and Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) (circulates)
Areatotal: 28.2km²
water: 0km²
land: 28.2km² (2008, increasing due to land reclamation)
Population545,674 (July 2008)
LanguagePortuguese and Chinese (Cantonese) (official languages), Chinese (Mandarin) and English (spoken in tourist areas)
ReligionBuddhist 92.3%, Christian (chiefly Roman Catholic) 6%, none and other 1.7% (2011 est.)
Electricity220V, 50Hz (rounded 3-pin 5A and 15A plug and UK 13A plug)
Country code+853
Time ZoneUTC+8

Best 5 Places To Visit in Macau

1 Ruins of the Church of St Paul MACAU PENINSULA
2 Taipa Village TAIPA
3 Macau Museum of Art MACAU PENINSULA
4 Sir Robert Ho Tung Library MACAU PENINSULA
5 St Joseph’s Seminary & Church MACAU PENINSULA

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