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Lodge options in a safari

Lodge options in a safari

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Performing a safari is a unique adventure, is the opportunity to see nature in action, with no more limit than the safety recommendations to preserve its integrity.

The safari lodge can be of any of the types that you choose, from the most economical and natural possible, which goes through camping in public campsites, to the luxury of sleeping like a king in a four-poster bed and in a room with air conditioning, bathroom, and private terrace.

The decision will be yours and obviously will have much to do with the money you want to spend on safari lodge and the type of trip you have dreamed of, whether it will be as a couple, family or alone.

If you are determined to rent a vehicle and go out on your own, because you are looking for the freedom and flexibility to walk at your own pace, the option is to camp in one of the spaces you will find on your route. This type of safari lodge implies that you must first carry out a series of investigations to know the routes, estimate the consumption of gasoline and think about its safety.

Another intermediate option is to stay in camps that move as the excursions progress. In this type of safari lodge, you will also find several alternatives in terms of comfort and price, from the most basic where travelers should contribute in lifting and replace the tents supplied by the organizing company, to those that provide some additional services that They can include bath, hot water, food, and even some alcoholic beverage to relax at the end of the day.

Another option available is the accommodation in luxury facilities, with all the comforts of a 5 and 4-star hotel, with all the services you want to have, operated by the large hotel chains of worldwide recognition.

Another type of safari lodge, present in some less developed tourist areas are the camps or lodge, reserved only for a few, under a more personalized concept, but which will also offer comfort and quality in food services and accommodation.

Regardless of what type of traveler you are, from which you value your independence and in exchange you can sacrifice comfort until after a day of excursion, enjoy spending the afternoon and night surrounded by comfort and luxury to which you are accustomed. Be certain that where to stay will not be the problem when living this adventure.

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