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Lebanon Short Introduction for Travelers

Lebanon Short Introduction for Travelers

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GovernmentParliamentary republic with a power-sharing mechanism based on religious communities
CurrencyLebanese pound (LBP)
(US dollars widely accepted)
Areatotal: 10,452km²
water: 170km²
land: 10,230km²
Population4,424,050 (2006 est.)
LanguageArabic (official), French,English, Armenian
Electricity110-220V/50Hz (European and UK plugs)
Country code961

Best 5 Places To Visit in Lebanon

1 Temple of Bacchus BAALBEK
2 Baalbek Ruins BAALBEK
3 National Museum of Beirut BEIRUT
4 Shouf Biosphere Reserve CHOUF MOUNTAINS
5 Al Bass Archaeological Site TYRE

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