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Keys to a trip to Botswana, from choosing this destination to how to travel

Keys to a trip to Botswana, from choosing this destination to how to travel

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Thinking of Africa as a tourist destination is almost synonymous with thinking of a Safari. The motivations for a safari are diverse and range from the desire to know the animal world in its purest state, see how wildlife is in freedom, to have the opportunity to hunt a big trophy with a camera.

There are traditional destinations on the African continent, recognized for decades as the destination of Safaris, but more recently the Botswana safari has become the favorite choice of many adventurous travelers.

One of the compelling reasons to select a Botswana safari over others is that a safari through this country also means a free experience of tourists with handheld cameras that travel in mounds of jeeps and that characterize other destinations. This is a destination to enjoy nature in respectful communion with it.

The selection of this place is also due to the fact that 70% of the territory is occupied by the Kalahari desert, where the largest reserve of animal fauna is located. In the Chobe National Park there is a significant population of elephants, leopards, lions, and cheetahs, making a Botswana safari the favorite choice of all those who decide to do it in search of encountering the big cats, why deny it, They are the main actors of any safari that prides itself on being one.

As if that was not enough, the largest inland delta in the world is also found in this territory, the Okavango Delta that turns the characteristic plains of a safari image into a silent navigation on a typical boat in the area. Through a network of channels, watching elephants, hippos, antelopes, and giraffes, who come to drink, but also crocodiles and birds. Is it a different experience than safaris that are normally known? The Botswana safari is a unique experience for a traveler on the African continent.

Now, how to get to this paradisiacal site may be the question, because since none of the US or European airlines fly directly to this destination, most people choose to get to Johannesburg or Cape Town, in South Africa and From there, take another plane to the airport of Kasane or Maun. Although in fact most tourists choose a charter flight or enter by road.

Where you enter will depend on your starting point and where you want to go, but surely the decision is already made and your next adventure destination will be a Botswana safari.


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