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Kenya and some facts

Kenya and some facts

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Kenya and some facts

Kenya is a country with 43.5 million people. With a location in East Africa, it’s a capital city is called Nairobi. This city is also the largest in the country and it is located in the southwest. Kenya’s neighbors are Uganda to the south and South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia to the north. Actually, it lies directly on the equator. The flag is with three colors: black, red and green with white edges. But in the middle of the flag, there is the red, white and black Maasai shield, a traditional symbol for the defense of the country.

Kilimanjaro-well known Mountain, and also the highest in Africa. This is located between Kenya and Tanzania. From the National Park Amboseli can be seen breathtaking views.

When it comes to climate, this country has a tropical climate. In north and northeast regions is both hot and dry. Between months April and June mostly there is rain and October and December bring shorter rainfalls.

-The two official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili, but there are dozens of indigenous languages spoke throughout the country.

-Animals like lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo can all be found running free in Kenya. Due to this, many tourists who visit the country go on safaris.

-The country is named after Mt. Kenya, which is the highest point in the country and is 17,057 feet high.

-The sad fact is that over half of the country’s population live in poverty.

-The funny one is that Kenya is comparable in size to Texas.

-When it comes to family, Kenyan men can have more than one wife if they want.

-And the last one is: the last time a volcano erupted in Kenya was in 1922.

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