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Keep Calm and SUP! Brasília – Brazil

Keep Calm and SUP! Brasília – Brazil

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Have you ever imagined living in a capital city in the middle of a continent? Do you think the routine is very stressful and you wouldn’t have time to connect with nature? You need to come to Brasilia!

Brasília is the capital of Brazil, It’s located in the Midwest region of the country, is the third most populous city in the country and is also known as the largest city in the world built in the twentieth century.

But among all this population and political activities, that are concentrated in this region there is also Lake Paranoá.

Lake Paranoá has this name due to the ancient indigenous tribes that inhabited the region, the best translation for Paranoá is “cove of the sea”. The lake has 48 square kilometers of area, maximum depth of 38 meters. Unlike other lakes present in large metropolises, Lake Paranoá isn’t polluted, therefore the inhabitants of the city can enjoy and carry out fishing activities, stroll and water sports, swim, enjoy the parties or shows on the artificial beaches.

If you are an executive but are passionate about fishing, Lake Paranoa is an alternative for those who want to keep this hobby. Some of the very common species of fish are tucunaré,  cará, lambari e traíra.

Another type of relaxing activity quite common and popular among young people is the SUP or Stand Up Paddle. The sport is simple, you keep balance on a surfboard (like the surfboard) and guide with a paddle, so you may think the SUP isn’t a sport, but if you add the strength of the wind and water, the challenge is what makes that a sport and a fun activity.

But why practice SUP in a river in Brasilia?

Perhaps you haven’t experienced the thrill of watching the sunset in the city of Brasilia yet, with severals hades and an open horizon, this is also a great option for those who need to distance themselves from a business day in Brazil, in addition, there are benefits of practicing a sport.

but if you’d rather just enjoy the sunset or follow SUP tournaments, there are several bars and restaurants nearthe “beach” where you can taste typical Brazilian foods or listen to Brazilian favorite music.

Are you ready to relax?


One thought on “Keep Calm and SUP! Brasília – Brazil”
Angela says:

SUP sounds great, but I’m more of the “watching sunset and relaxing” kind of person. Btw love their music.

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