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KAZAKHSTAN: Free’s territory and the country of Hawk ‘s Tamers

KAZAKHSTAN: Free’s territory and the country of Hawk ‘s Tamers

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If you are a fan of green nature and you are passionate about history and exploration, you must live a unique tourist experience in a country like Kazakhstan.

The ninth  biggest  country in the world, with its unique and historic location on the Silk Road, with its picturesque nature, it is home to over 9,000 unique features of the landscape and architecture in the world . We do not forget its  habitant who are very good people and friendly in their transactions. When You visited  Kazakhstan , you will be a tourist nonetheless   not a stranger.

Here are 04  of the most beautiful sites in Kazakhstan


The capital of the country and the dream that has become a reality .In just 15 years, this small capital has become the second largest city of Kazakhstan. Astana is characterized by its unique and modern architectural features, which attract attention and give Astana its own reputation. These architectural artifacts will make you extremely amazed  when you see them for the first time,

Among the most important of these artifacts: Khan Shater Palace in the form of a tent and the pyramid of peace as well as the main landmark in the capital of the capital Beytrik

Remember this ???? Astana is your first destination when you are  visiting Kazakhstan.

Lake of  Almaty

One of the most important monuments of the Almaty region, located in the southern suburbs of the city, is an artificial lake, surrounded by mountains and trees on the southern and western shores, makes the best places for tourists who  search of tranquility and relaxation. The characteristic of the lake is the change of color according to the seasons , it ‘s  white in Winter,  emerald in Spring, and  becomes blue in Summer .

Kaindi Lake: the lake of the inverted trees

Located in the Almaty region, it is one of the important  destinations for tourists to enjoy the view of the inverted  trees and magician of the colors of the water and diving enthusiasts as well. This lake was created in 1991 as a result of an earthquake cause to the formation of a natural  water’s dam , which later became Lake Kaindy.

Reserves of Seriarka:

Is a region characterized by nature reserves for rare and endangered species of birds such as the Siberian Karaki, PALASSE hawk and swans, its nature formed  of  lakes picturesque, rivers and plateaus fresh and salty . This diversity in its geograhy draws an aesthetic painting .


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Nidal says:

Nature, monuments, mountains… Thanks to my beautiful wife, I’ve visited this heaven on earth. We were definitely amazed at architectural artifacts.

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