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Japan: The samurai legend from the country of sunburn

Japan: The samurai legend from the country of sunburn

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Do you want to visit another planet without the need for a spaceship?  Just Visit Japan

Japan is today one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, with millions of tourists coming to discover this unique country each year

Despite its vast and rapid technological development, Japan still retains its ancient culture and traditional customs and its historical features still tell its ancient history.

With this mixture of past and present, technological and traditional, you will live an incomparable experience during your visit to Japan.

Let’s discover the most beautiful tourist features of Japan?


Tokyo Imperial Palace:

This is the residence of the Imperial family and its headquarters. The palace consists of several buildings including the main palace of Kyoden, the private houses of the imperial family and museums. You can also enjoy the beautiful gardens, which include lakes, fountains and old buildings.

The Tokyo Palace is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions, both inside and outside Japan.

For information, the palace tours allow adults aged +18 and the ticket‘s price is around $15 and for the gardens tour, it’s free

 Tokyo Disneyland:

This is the first Disneyland resort outside the United States and the second largest one, located in the Chiba region of Tokyo, opened in 1983. If you are with your family, children will be very happy visiting Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse City, and then travel across the West River train, the exploration boat and other interesting activities, taking you back to childhood

water park summer field:

If this year, summer is very hot, there is no problem.

It is one of the most beautiful water parks in the far west of the capital Tokyo. It’s is one of the most important tourist destinations. It allows all visitors of all ages to practice water outdoors sports.

After Disneyland and Summerland, your family‘s visit to Japan will be unforgettable.

Ishagaki Island

After all these games, you are sure looking for some rest and relaxation, and the best destination we advise the Ishigaki Island, where the clear blue waters and the white sand beaches will give you a unique feeling of relaxation and recreation.

Relax and enjoy the cold Japanese juices. One of the most beautiful beaches is Fusaki Beach for turtle lovers, Sokoki for lovers of Jet Ski, and Yonhara for diving enthusiasts.



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Lali says:

Disneyland was great, I was impressed by all the gadgets i saw there, unbelievable. Also on the other hand impressed by nature and beautiful garden. Definitely perfect mixture od past and future.

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