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Italy : The Land of Beauty

Italy : The Land of Beauty

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Known as ‘Bel Paese’, Italy is another beautiful country located in Southern Europe. Bordered to France& Austria on the North & Atlantic ocean to the South, Italy is considered as the birthplace of western culture & shelters a large number of UNESCO world heritages. It comprises some of the most scenic landscapes on Earth & is popular as it’s shaped like a boot. From snow-capped mountains to terrific active volcanoes, Italy has plenty of things to offer which are capable of attracting tourists all round the world.

So, today we’ll talk about the 5 most attractive tourist destinations in Italy.


Located in Rome, the ancient building Colosseum is one of the most visited tourist destination of Italy, playing host to approximately 3.9 million visitors every year. Built in 70 A.D by Emperor Vespasian, it has been the site of sporting events, bloodshed & celebrations. Framed by decorative columns topped by the capitals of the iconic, it’s a perfect place to learn about Italian architecture & history. The tickets are priced at 12 Euros for non-European Union citizens whilst 7 euros for European Union Citizens which are valid for 2 days. For security reasons it is strictly prohibited to enter with backpacks, camping, luggage & bulky bags. Nevertheless, it’s a must visit place in your trip to Italy.

2.St. Mark’s Square, Venice

Located in Venice, St. Mark’s square is full of history & surrounded by classic architecture which was built in the 9th century. It is often crowded with tourists since few of the major sights of Venice are located round here. Furthermore, it is the only square in Venice with the title of “Piazza” as the rest are called ”campo”. The St. Marks’s square is considered as one of the finest squares in the world along with the times square, New York.  Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Campanile, Torre dell”Orologio, Piazzetta are only a few tourist attraction points to mention which located near-by & don’t forget to visit these places if you visit  Venice

3 .Amalfi Coast

Located in the Campania region, Amalfi coast stretches for 50 kilometers along the Southern edge Sorrentine Peninsula. It is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its Inexplicable beauty & importance of its landscape. If you want to experience the idyllic beauty & the Italian luxury at the same place, the Amalfi Coast is the ideal place. Scenic beaches, best hotels in the world, coastal towns & villas & gardens will give you once a lifetime experience which you’ll cherish for the rest of your lifetime. It attracts 5 million tourists each year making it one of the most popular beaches in the world & if you visit here once, you’ll never hesitate to visit here back.

4. Capri

Located in Naples, Capri is a gorgeous island in Italy. Rugged landscape, upscale hotels & friendly locals make this island absolutely an attractive island to visit. Even though the prices are costly to stay overnight, many people visit this island to dive in the incredible beauty of the nature. If you’re on a low budget, you can come in the early morning, spend the day there enjoying & leave in the evening so that costs won’t be high. There’s also a boat tour service which enables tourists to discover the island from the sea & if you’ve got enough funds this is worth trying.

These are some other things to do at Capri

  • A romantic dinner with a view
  • An evening at the Taverna
  • A day at the beach
  • A walk in the center of Anacapri

5. Trevi fountain

Designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi, the Trevi fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome. It is one the most visited tourist destinations in Italy at present & the largest fountain in the city. It is said that no trip to Rome is complete without a visit to Trevi Fountain. That’s how popular this place is. It is also one of the oldest water sources in Rome which dated back to 19 B.C . The Trevi fountain is 85 feet tall & 65 feet wide& uses a lot of water. It spills about 2,824,700 cubic feet of water every day. Furthermore, it appeared on many movies including Three coins in the fountain, Roman Holiday & The Lizzie McGuire Movie due to its historical elegance. If you visit to Rome, this is a place you should never miss.

As it’s been described, Italy is a wonderful place for tourists with plenty of things to do & see. However, before traveling to Italy It’s always good to know about the following things  so that you can oraganise the things better.

  • Train travel in Italy is extremely easy
  • You have to pay to enter a public restroom.
  • Italians do speak loud & that doesn’t mean they’re mad
  • Most cities are extremely walkable
  • Always validate your train & bus tickets.



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Nadia says:

We visited all 5 of them. We were three times there and again going this year. Italy is special for us, so the trip to there became a tradition. Love everything about this country.

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