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Innovation in tourism are creating a new reality

Innovation in tourism are creating a new reality

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Innovation in tourism are creating a new reality

Over the past decades, the usual way of life has significantly changed. Thanks to numerous inventions, our life has become much easier. It is impossible to imagine a person who absolutely would not need a smartphone now. Everybody from small to large uses the smartphone to access the global network where almost any information can be found. People communicate constantly in different social networks, make new friends, get a new job and earn money from any place where Wi-Fi is available.

The number of people traveling around the globe is growing more and more. And to realize a dream everybody just needs to look at the smartphone which helps in organizing the trip. Obvious to all is the fact that everyone goes to the Internet. Therefore, sellers of services tend to create convenient online resources for the consumer, whether it is for booking hotels, for example,, or site car rental, like It remains only to specify the parameters of the journey and the system will give appropriate options, reviews and the location on the map. Nowadays less than half of the tourists use the services of travel agencies. Almost 80 percent know how to organize the trip, how to book tickets, hotel, and where to find the best guide. Among the travel agents are successful only those who skillfully present their services in the networks, and is able to respond quickly to all changes in the market for tourist services.

Increasingly the phenomenon of Sharing economy is used. When owners are turning to online platforms to capitalize on the unused portion of their property, and consumers rather rent what they need, from private individuals that can be bought or rented from companies. The popularity of these platforms is growing every day.

It is worth mentioning the growing popularity of the digital currency. This phenomenon is not so widespread, but it is undeniable that there are already travelers who use only Bitcoin currency during their journeys.

And finally, the Virtual reality now is possible. A few decades ago we can see it only in the movies. Now, this service is actively proposed by travel companies, and this enables the client in the blink of an eye find himself in the country of his dreams! Thanks to a virtual reality headset customers may fully enjoy the scenic virtual tours.

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