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Important tips on what is safari and how to make a magnificent photo safari

Important tips on what is safari and how to make a magnificent photo safari

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To travel through Africa, you only need the disposition, the spirit of adventure and a backpack loaded with what is necessary to live what is safari. You will face endless days of sun and oppressive heat, dust, inexhaustible waiting and untamed animals.

But all this will be more worth it, if you take with you a good team of photography and you manage to capture images, which will remain forever in your memory. A camera in what is safari is as necessary as a backpack with all the implements, which are required to face days under temperatures and little adverse conditions.

It is not essential, that you have very sophisticated accessories and that due to their complexity; you are not able to use them. To see what is safari and capture good quality photos, you only need to have a camera that allows you to obtain an excellent zoom and that is always ready for action.

You must take with you what is safari, several batteries, and memories, battery chargers for the car since in the savannah you will not find a source of energy and you must recharge the devices in the vehicle.

To avoid getting tired of your arms with the weight of the camera, it is suggested to bring a tripod; this will allow you to have an area always focused and be prepared, in case the action arises at any time. You will be ready to start capturing the whole movement and not miss anything.

Likewise, it is suggested that you place the device in burst mode and in fast speed. In this way, you will not waste time activating and achieving focus. Remember what is safari, here the animals act unexpectedly and quickly, they will not wait for you so you can take the picture.

If you do not have a team with good characteristics, do not worry. When you reach your destination, you can rent everything you think is necessary to achieve the best memories of your life. This way you will achieve your goal, without spending a lot of money.

Do not worry about the weight of the equipment; you will always go inside the vehicle. Everything you need you will have it at hand and you will not have to load it on top. What is advisable is that you wear a good waterproof protective case, to protect it from rain and an accident.

One last recommendation, you must have a lot of patience and wait for the perfect moment for the camera to act. Do not focus solely on animals; you can also take great pictures of the landscapes, sunsets or sunrises, which are a luxury.

Prepare your lens to take a complete picture of Africa, with all its culture, tradition, fauna and flora.


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nick says:

Pictures that I’ve made in Africa are special, and one of the most beautiful for me. The most memorable experience ever, I must say.

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