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How to fully enjoy the experience of an Africa safari

How to fully enjoy the experience of an Africa safari

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The first few times will always be special. For better or for worse, they are unrepeatable experiences, of those that we will remember all our lives, for which it is necessary that you have the most information so that your Africa safari is worthy of being remembered, so if you are thinking about doing an Africa safari to see wild animals, I hope these useful tips help you to enjoy your first safari

  1. A good guide makes the difference in a safari. The most important thing in this of the safaris is to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Remember that you are a rookie, so it does not matter that you have swallowed more documentaries, no matter how hard you try it will be very difficult to find the beasts, especially if you are in a natural park where they do not let you leave the tracks, in that sense It is super important that our guide knows the terrain like the palm of your hand
  2. Photographs, many photographs, an Africa safari, animals see them at a distance, in principle for safety and also not to disturb them. That is why it is most appropriate to have photographic equipment with a powerful zoom, minimum 300 mm, with which you can carry those memories that you will always treasure.
  3. Dress appropriately to the occasion; You are not on a beach trip, forget the immense flowers on your shirts, With those pints, there is no animal that has not noticed your presence, so they have decided to flee from you like the plague. Now seriously, better to dress in neutral tones and spend as unnoticed as possible. If you do not scare the elephants or cheetahs, the Africa safari experience will be much more pleasant.
  4. Silence will be your best ally Silence will help the beasts do not run away from you, but it is also important for you to realize that you are in a magical place and living truly unrepeatable moments. Turn off the cell phone, enjoy the experience and respect the animals and your car companions. If you talk during an African sunset, you deserve to be the dinner of that leopard that approaches there stealthily.

Enjoy to the maximum your great moment in an Africa safari, that will be something unrepeatable remember that the first moments are unique and unrepeatable, preserves the best memories of this moment in the Africa safari


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great tips, means a lot.

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