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How to apply a Tourist Visa For Algeria ?

How to apply a Tourist Visa For Algeria ?

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Are you a nature lover and explorer?

Algeria is your tourist destination par excellence, because the nature lovers will not find the best of Algeria in terms of geographical diversity and climate in nature.

Along 1200 km of the blue  sea coast with its golden and white sandy beaches, in addition to forests and high mountains.

The history of Algeria is full of  many civilizations : the Phoenicians and Romans transmitted to the Spanish and Turks, and the archaeological cities are the best witness of these civilizations.

In the Great Southern Desert, words cannot describe their charming beauty

I advise you to visit Algeria to know more about this wonderful country, but before you pack your bags!!!!

You need to know what you need to #get a tourist visa to enter Algeria.

How can I obtain a tourist visa to enter Algeria?

Foreigners & tourists wishing to travel to Algeria must present a passport upon arrival valid with an entry visa to the Algerian territory issued by the Embassy or the Algerian Consulate of the Applicant’s usual place of residence.

To obtain #a tourist visa in Algeria, you need the following documents:

Tourist visa:

– passport valid for more than 6 months,

– visa application form, in two (2) copies, correctly completed and signed,

– two recent photographs of the same edition,

– letter of invitation, or certificate of accommodation legalized by the municipality of residence of the inviting person.

or, a hotel reservation letter or certificate issued by a travel agency.


If you are a citizn of these countries #the Visa is not required (see list of countries).

Lists of countries not subject to visa requirements.








– western sahara (desert)




payment of a chancery fee is required for the issuance of visa, the price varies depending on the nationality of the applicant. In general is between (15 & 40 euro )

Prolongation of stay in Algeria.

The visa can be extended in Algeria under certain conditions, before the expiry of the current visa, apply to the Bureau of foreigners  near the city where you stay abroad.

NOTE:  two to seven days layover permit will be issued by the authorities competent for the crews of foreign ships and aircraft



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