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Guinea Short Introduction for Travelers

Guinea Short Introduction for Travelers

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CurrencyGuinean franc (GNF)
water: 140km²
land: 245,717km²
Population9,690,222 (July 2006 estimate)
LanguageFrench (official), each ethnic group has its own language
ReligionMuslim 85%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 7%
Country code+224
Time ZoneUTC

Best 5 Places To Visit in Guinea

1 Centre d’Art Acrobatique Keita Fodeba CONAKRY
2 Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés PARC NATIONAL DU HAUT NIGER
3 Parc National du Haut Niger GUINEA
4 Chutes de Kambadaga PITA
5 Centre d’Exposition Artisanal de N’zérékoré N’ZÉRÉKORÉ

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