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Gruta do Lago Azul Cave, Bonito – Brazil

Gruta do Lago Azul Cave, Bonito – Brazil

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I spy with my little eye something blue!

In the city of Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, you can find a cave with the incredible lagoon tonality in blue, it’s the “Gruta do Lago Azul”. It is blue, because the lake is so transparent and deep (90metes deep) that it seems to be blue.

But it is not only the pure water that catches the visitors’ attention, the whole cave from the roof to the floor is composed of speleothems,  rocks that have various shapes and sizes, which embellish the place even more.

To get to the cave, there are specialized guides in the area. If you are a fan of adventures, you will love the trails! Usually, the visit takes place in groups, where people of all ages, except children under 5, can participate. Once you are equipped with helmets and adequate protection that is provided by the guides, you will start the 900-meter hike in the easy trail, wide in the middle of nature. As you approach the cave, the trail becomes a stairway made of the very rock of the cave formation, it is about 300 steps to the cave, the path is not regular, which allows you to feel even more connected the environment and the local nature.

When the staircase is finished, you will be on the platform where the blue lake is located! In this place, you can relax, meditate, connect with the sounds of nature and record in photos and videos of the lake. Of course, you can also take several selfies to impress your friends and family with the great adventure that has lived.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to dive in these waters, because it’s a preservation área. But during the trial, the guide also indicates other places if you wish to swim or dive, or even other incredible peaks and places to know and enjoy the landscape. The ride to Lago Azul takes about two hours round trip, depending on the weather conditions and the needs of the group or the stops, cause there are bathrooms and there are some places that the guide stop and explains more about the environment.

For this tour it is recommended to wear light clothes with sun protection, you can also wear a hat or cap, remember that in addition to the lotion to protect yourself from the sun, you should also use the lotion to protect yourself from the mosquito! You don’t have to worry about buying a specific footwear for trails, you can only use a non-slip sneaker or boot. The way is safe! If you’d rather take your photos with a camera more advanced than your smartphone, you can take!

This trip is the sow of 19km from the city of “Bonito”, which means beautiful in protuguese, so it’s also a good plase to explore! where you can find excellent accommodation/inns and restaurants with the best typical dishes of the region, such as: Pacu (fish) roasted stuffed with farofa (roasted manioc flour), alligator meat barbecue , Piranha (fish) broth, ground meat with Pequi (
typical fruit of the region), among other delicious dishes that will give you energy throughout the trail.


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Joe says:

Definitely, I’m a big fan of adventures, can’t wait to visit those caves. They look amazing.

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