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Symphony of the Seas – The most grandiose ship in the history of shipbuilding

Symphony of the Seas – The most grandiose ship in the history of shipbuilding

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Hardly there is someone who refuses to go on a trip. And if there is such a person, then he should offer a cruise trip on the best modern liner. Such a dream ship will be a new cruise liner from the company Royal Caribbean. And it is not just another luxurious floating resort city. This is the most grandiose ship in the history of shipbuilding with a displacement of 230,000 tons.  The man has never created the ship such impressive dimensions!

The new hyper scale project from the company Royal Caribbean was named Symphony of the Seas. While the ship is in the docks of STX France, it will be put into operation at the end of March of 2018. However, today it is clear that it will be a truly enchanting creation of engineering thought. On Board there will be used as a proven technology of recreation and entertainment, and fundamentally new solutions that raise the level of comfort to a new level.

The ship will have 18 full-size decks, 2775 cabins of different classes and 20 different restaurants and cafes. And to fully enjoy this comfort will be able to simultaneously 6780 passengers, which will be served by 2,175 staff.

Unique entertainment infrastructure

The huge Symphony of the Seas liner will flaunt the widest choice of entertainments for every taste. Especially it is worth to note the incredible size of the mountain the Ultimate Abyss – its height is 10 floors. This is the fastest way to go down from the sixteenth deck to the sixth. No other attraction will give you such sensations!

Two full – size climbing walls will be offered at once – another innovation in the world cruise fleet.

Those who like the feeling of free flight will certainly enjoy the attraction Zip line – it’s not just a bungee, it’s something very special. You will be able to fly over the decks of the ship, held only by a special system of fastening and insurance.

Also on Board will be a full basketball court, three water slides “Perfect storm”, a real skating rink, a zone for cardio, amazing SPA, fitness center equipped with the latest technology, swimming pools, sun beds, Jacuzzi.

The choice of entertainment of intellectual and artistic character is rich. There is the luxurious casino Royale®, the beautiful theatrical performances, the magnificent green garden Central Park®, where you will find a wide variety of salons, shops and boutiques.

The highlight is the Bionic Bar, where the usual waiters were replaced by special robots. They are perfectly capable of preparing the most intricate cocktails. Simply place your order and special software in tandem with the highly sensitive monitoring system will ensure full adherence to the recipe and ratios of ingredients.

Meals on Board the Symphony of the Seas

The cruise offers a variety of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars of all kinds. Free shared restaurants allow passengers to choose the time of visit. At the same time, travelers can make a map of their food long before the cruise. You can choose literally everything – time, menu, serving size, suitable clothes and neighbors on the table. There will be on Board special restaurants also, a table in which should be booked before departure on a cruise.

A wonderful holiday for children

For passengers with children on Board Symphony of the Seas will be offered a variety of entertainment that will ensure an excellent holiday for both children and their parents: interactive program Adventure Ocean Programme, in which the entertainment elements are closely intertwined with learning; programs Royal Babies and Royal Tots, each of them has its own special specificity; and many others.

Wealth of rooms

The new liner will offer a wide range of cabins, differing level of comfort, a set of options, area and equipment. For example, Internal cabins with the function “Virtual balcony” will be offered. On the wall of these cabins mounted large screen, which can be displayed in real time seascapes, by which currently the liner sails.

Route of movement

The Symphony of the Seas liner will spend its first summer in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a great opportunity for European tourists to be the first to appreciate all the delights of the new vessel. Based in the port of Barcelona, it will be traveling throughout the Mediterranean, entering the port cities of France, Italy, and Spain. After the end of the summer season 2018, the ship will move to the new port of registry – Miami. And from November’18 it will go on cruises in the Caribbean.

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